Effective Digital Marketing Strategies for Property Managers

By Jacob Lundquist

The digital age has begun seriously affecting real estate—over 51% of all internet use occurs via smartphones, and that includes your property website! Effective digital marketing strategies can no longer be put off for the future; they’re a requirement for remaining competitive and compelling.

A strong digital media presence will show potential buyers that there are many ways to reach out to their property managers, and that there are community engagement opportunities.

Here are some specific things to pay attention to with digital marketing:

  1. Keep accurate and up-to-date information. This should include not only property information, but also any contact or review areas. A reachable name, phone number, and address are a no-brainer, but modern users also want a Facebook page, a Twitter, and even a LinkedIn account.
  1. Make sure your websites are mobile-user friendly. Studies show that most internet use is from phones, which means that people are doing all of their investigating on much smaller screens. Adapt to these changes by making mobile-friendly versions of your pages, as well as having all information in downloadable or sharable form.
  1. Similarly, engage your residents and buyers through multiple mediums. Modern users often prefer images and videos to solid text. Don’t bug people down with tons of words—use YouTube and other such sites to the best of your ability! Recent studies show that residents far prefer email communication, Internet listing services, and ratings and reviews.
  1. Effectively communicate to potential and current residents. This means that you should be actively engaged on social media, with both buyers and current renters. By talking to people who already support your business, you can promote both your business and your media strategies.
  1. Invest in content marketing. Content marketing includes things like books, pamphlets, blogs, and videos about subject material. Marketing strategies like these help position your business as an expert in the market, which makes potential buyers often feel more safe and secure in their decision.
  1. Affiliate with local businesses! This tip is a much more ‘soft sell’ approach, as it integrates area culture with your business strategies. Especially in Austin, people often want to know that they’re supporting local entrepreneurs, and react positively to others that do the same—this includes businesses! Team up with nearby and closely-related businesses, which will help you bring in more customers and make substantive connections to the area.
  1. Finally, monitor and optimize your online presence. This includes everything from Search Engine Optimization, which allows a direct visibility for potential customers. Since 91% of modern buyers use the internet to find property listings, it is more important than ever to have an established, sprawling presence online.
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